R3LN4CHT is a new modular collective initiated by multi-disciplinary creative and performer Didi Kreike. This fluid platform functions within a pack of creatives. Originating from their collective hivemind — they are claiming the ‘art’ in party, the ‘heat’ in theatre and the ‘AV’ in rave. R3LN4CHT finds its roots in queer nightlife, visual- and pop culture. Next to shared thematics, R3LN4CHT questions codes and rules of artistic spaces. Their work is explicit, open-source, and demands active spectatorship.

In the month of April, R3LN4CHT will showcase their first artistic explorations for ‘Beyond Consent’. Beyond Consent is an interactive performative installation that investigates the dynamic between privacy and voyeurism while uncovering individual experiences in connection to (personal) boundaries, sexuality, and (ethical) transgression. A thought experiment made tangible, to be encountered viscerally.

For this new work, R3LN4CHT shapes their own digital powerplay arena that will be adapted for each setting. By going ‘beyond consent’, R3LN4CHT facilitates moving from ‘safe spaces’ to their preferred ‘critical space’ — a disruptive, reflective, and (at times) demanding area operating within the fringes of social structures.

‘If the answer is yes, keep asking’.


Performance at Freaky Dancing
Concept & Video Design: Didi Kreike | Performers: Sue-Ann Bel, Lodewijk van Dijk, Tijn Hoekzema en Helene Vrijdag | Tekst: Edan Azulay en Didi Kreike | Creative Producer: Kas Pijs | Branding & Marketing: Joy Bomer en Jan Janssenswillen | Producent: R3LN4CHT en Over het IJ | Mede mogelijk gemaakt door: Likeminds, Motel Mozaïque en Fonds Podiumkunsten

We talked with Didi Kreike about their hive mind collective Relnacht and what you can expect from their interactive, performative installation ‘Beyond Consent’, which will take place at the next Freaky Dancing.

Video by Emiel Janssen



23rd of March

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