Never Sceno
Never Sceno

NEVER SCENO is a scenography collective created at the end of summer 2018 by four friends from Brussels, united by a desire to dress the city and its party spaces in unusual formats and visual concepts. They approach each project with a fresh eye. They D.I.Y. approach and they desire to work with recycled/reused materials as much as possible forces us to see constraints as opportunities and to act as much as possible with an Out Of The Box thinking.

We gladly throw ourselves off the beaten track to offer a unique experience to the visitors of the places we take over, and the scenographic vision that will remain in the memory of those who discover it for a night, a day, or even longer.

Fascinated by club culture, they have designed rooms and spaces for numerous promoters and nightclub managers (Listen Festival, Gayhaze, Brüxsel Jardin, C12, Basic Moves, Queer Future Club…), reinventing the dynamics of the place, its atmosphere and rhythm.

For our second edition we worked together with Never Sceno, a scenographic collective from Brussels. To get to know them better we visited David in their hometown and spoke about their inspiration, their love for the city and what we can expect of the event.

Video by: Emiel Janssen



23rd of March

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